We are a team passionate about ensuring all of our candidates become safe and professional Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) pilots. We are committed to delivering the best results for our clients by being attentive to all their needs and adopting a detail-oriented and professional approach.

“Excellent course, I would not hesitate to recommend this course to anyone I know who is looking to go for their PfCO. The instructor was very enthusiastic about the course contents and his experience and passion stood out when he was presenting the course.”

Mo Thomson, Professional Photographer, Mothomson.com

“The course exceeded my expectations, I didn’t expect it to be as professional as it was or have such an experienced tutor.  I honestly feel privileged to have sat the course and most importantly I feel like I have the tools to make the correct judgements when operating a UAV.  I feel properly educated in all aspects of the technology and that leaves me in good stead going forwards.”

Steve Todd, Producer Director – The Mountain (BBC)

“We would 100% recommend RUSTA, they set the standards high, are true aviation specialists and have an unprecedented background in the UAV sector. As professionals ourselves it was imperative we were trained by the best and having looked around no one met these criteria but RUSTA. It’s nice to see a real NQE keeping up standards and presenting a professional approach in the Industry.”

Jason Woodcock, Founder & MD, UAS Flight Ops

“Thanks to the course I am confident I am better prepared for running the business and flying my drones legally and commercially. I am sure the benefits of taking the course will more than pay for itself and I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone in a similar position of having aviation experience but being new to drones and aerial work.”

Jon, Commercial Pilot

“The course was very interesting with lots of great information, invoking deeper thought into all aspects of planning and flying UAV’s. The instructor’s delivery of the material brought the subject to life, which was further added to by his and his co-instructor’s experiences in aviation.”

Heulwyn Roberts

“The instructor was superb.  I have attended many, many courses whilst serving in the Police over the last 26 years and he has to be one of the best Trainers I have the pleasure of being in the classroom with.  His anecdotes were excellent, as was his ability to keep the learning on track.  10/10 highly recommended.”

Rich, Professional Photographer, Richard Lewis Photography

“I thought the course was excellent! I thoroughly enjoy it. Relaxed yet very informative. The instructor’s RAF experience shone through, his delivery and tone (and sense of humour!) was first class and absolutely instilled confidence. A consummate professional.”

Neil Crawford, Crawford Aerial Imaging

“It was informative, interesting, good natured, collaborative (students helping each other), well paced and invaluable.”

Glen Rigby, Freelance Photographer

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