Services and Consultancy Training

EEI have operated a number of small UAV’s since they became readily available on the market and, thanks to their training and professionalism, have developed a good strategy on how to operate these vehicles effectively and safely. If your company is looking to operate UAV’s EEI can train your staff to the best standard achievable.  Starting with a ground school and a simulator phase our instructors will teach an individual all that is required so they can safely operate to help your company achieve its goals. No prior flying experience is required.

After a combined 35 years in various NATO Air forces EEI’s staff have a wealth of knowledge in operating larger UAV’s. Whether it be learning to Launch and Recover (LRE) or operating the complex sensors on board, EEI’s experts will help you get the most of your larger vehicles and develop a training strategy designed especially for your needs. All our staff in this department were, at one time,   instructors in the military. Their primary aim is to help your pilots and sensor operators integrate your system into your business.

EEI also provides a reasonable consultation service if your company is thinking of procuring a larger system. Our expert staff can help identify a particular vehicle that will help your business take advantage of this new technology. Contact us today to find out more.

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