About Us

Eagle Eye Innovations Ltd was founded in 2013 by ex military aviators and intelligent specialists who, after serving on manned platforms, were trained to fly the latest unmanned technology their air forces could offer. After thousands of hours on global operations these airmen became experts in their field and moved on to become instructors and evaluators. They not only taught others how to operate this new emerging capability but made sure that the standards were upheld.

With the increase in civilian use of unmanned technology these airmen formed Eagle Eye Innovations Ltd with the view to using what they have learnt in the military and transferring these new skill sets  to the public sector . Eagle Eye has already helped many businesses reach their full potential with this exciting new technology. Whether it’s just simple consultancy on how to get started or more in-depth training Eagle Eye Innovations Ltd can offer a solution you require.

Eagle Eye Innovations Ltd have a team of highly skilled and motivated operators who are the leaders in the field with regards to unmanned technology. With the exponential growth of UAV’s in the UK and abroad there are many companies who claim to be experts. Unfortunately many of these companies have no formal aviation qualifications and and aviation aptitude therefore lacking the qualifications and best practise mentality that drive Eagle Eye Innovations Ltd.

​Eagle Eye Innovations Ltd pride themselves on professionalism, attention to detail, high standards and above all value for money.

Registered in England and Wales company number 08631843
Registered address is First Floor,Building E1, Lincoln, LN6 3QN UK

Eagle Eye Innovations and the Eagle logo is a
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